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Fitness & Wellness Center


GROUP FITNESS CLASSES — More than 40 Classes — FREE to Members!

Choose from a wide variety of classes — from meditative yoga to the fast-paced Zumba.

Drop in at any time. No prior registration required. Non-Member fees apply.

•  FlexFIT Classes include:

Spin, Body Works, Boot Camp Challenge, TRX, and a variety of Yoga, Palates and Strength classes.



SPECIALTY FITNESS CLASSES — Member and Non-Member fees may apply.

For a unique group fitness experience, try one of our specialty classes for a nominal fee. Classes focus on the newest trends in group fitness. You can pre-register for a semester, or drop-in on a class.


•  StayFIT Classes include: 

Silver Sneakers and AquAerobics



WELLNESS SPECIALTY FITNESS CLASSES — Member and Non-Member fees may apply.

Classes geared toward people living with certain health issues. These classes combine fitness and socialization, and are designed to improve quality of life.


•  WellFIT Classes include:

MS Swim, MS Spin, Pedaling 4 Parkinsons, Boxing 4 Parkinsons



Classes & Descriptions


Red = Higher-intensity classes

Spin Zone

*Spin classes are for members only and registration is required.

An intense cardio workout using stationery bicycles. Go at your own pace and control your resistance and speed. For all fitness levels. Specialized rides for those living with MS and Parkinson’s.

Specialized rides for those living with MS and Parkinson's (please see WellFIT Classes).


Dial In To Spin: (516) 605-2465 — Members Only, Pre-registration Required

Monday Classes ................Call Sunday after 4:00 pm

Tuesday Classes.................Call Monday after 6:00 pm

Wednesday Classes ..........Call Tuesday after 6:00 pm

Thursday Classes...............Call Wednesday after 6:00 pm

Friday Classes.....................Call Thursday after 6:00 pm

Saturday Classes ...............Call Thursday after 8:00 pm

Sunday Classes...................Call Friday after 9:00 am

For holiday closings call 6:00 pm, 2 days prior to closing.

Group Exercise Classes

50+ Circuit: Designed for mature exercisers, a conditioning class that uses weights.


Absolglute: Concentrates on your abdominal muscles and your gluteus maximus.


Body Works: A 30-minute focus class alternating weeks of core, muscle balance, corrective exercise and flexiblity for injury prevention.


Boot Camp: Use your own body weight and resistance equipment for a military style workout. ​


Define/Strength Training: Athletic drills to help you get into your aerobic zone. Utilizes weights to tone and sculpt muscles.


Drums Alive: This unique class combines traditional aerobic movements with the powerful beat and rhythm of drums. A pair of drums sticks is used to pound out rhythms on a large exercise ball. Unleash your inner rock star!


Fitness Sampler: Includes Cardio Kick Camp, Bosu Blast, Interval Training, Core Fusion, Step Aerobics and much more.


Grit & Bear It!: 60-minute high interval work-out to improve cardiovascular fitness.


HIIT (Hi Intensity Interval Training): Incorporates circuits of weighted and body weight strength, cardio and core. Improve your overall strength, stamina, endurance, speed, flexibility and balance with high-energy exercises and movement.


Kickboxing: Punch, kick and jab your way into a great workout using your entire body. Tone muscles, while burning maximum calories. ​


Osteoblast: An osteoporosis program designed to strengthen muscles and prevent falls by introducing weight-bearing exercises and balance techniques.


Step It Up: An aerobics class designed around steps and sequenced routines. ​


Tai-Chi: A series of connected movements that increases energy flow.


Total Body Toning: A total body workout using weights, bars and medicine balls to tone and sculpt.


X Fit: A high-energy and calorie-burning experience using interval training and high/low cardio activities.


Zumba: A fuse of Latin and international dances. A unique, fun and exciting workout.

NEW - Drumba: A combination of Drums Alive and Pound class using stability balls and drum sticks. 


Yoga / Pilates / Strength Classes ​


Beginners Yoga/Weekend Yoga: Combines postures, movements, breath, stretching, relaxation and rhythm for on mind, body and spirit.


Chakra/Yin Energy Yoga: Conditioning that improves your body’s energetic centers (chakras) to feel more centered and positive.

Essentrics: Essentrics, led by Martina Resta, a Certified Instructor, is a fun way to stretch while toning without putting undo stress on joints and muscles. Routines add to exercise the brain and increase cognitive functioning by using a continuous flow of one movement to the next.


Pilates: Floor exercises that promote flexibility, posture and abdominal strength. ​Vital Yoga: Emphasizes health and well being through breathing exercises, special postures and concentration. (Level one – beginners welcome)

Restorative Yoga: Restorative yoga is a deep relaxing practice and a natural antidote against stress and anxiety. The use of props will keep the body in a comfortable posture to allow you to feel the effects of self-nurture and calm healing. Please wear comfortable clothing.


TRX: Experience the burn. An intense 45-min workout using strength bands that hit every body part.





Silver Sneakers


Silver Sneakers Exercise: Designed for seniors 60+ to increase muscular strength, range of motion and skills required to keep active. Hand held weights, elastic tubing with handles and balls are used for resistance. A chair is used for support, stretching and relaxation.


Silver Sneakers Cardio: A slightly more rigorous version of the Silver Sneakers class with more anaerobic activity.


Silver Sneakers Yoga: A seated yoga that combines stretching and breathing exercises to relieve stress.


Aquatics Group Fitness Classes

The following classes are also listed on the Swim Classes page of the Aquatics Center section.

Low Impact Water Aerobics Increase your strength, flexibility and aerobic conditioning through water exercises without putting stress on your joints and muscles. Low-impact class geared for people with arthritis or osteoporosis.


AquAerobics: A low-impact water exercise class for adults 60+. Not required to know how to swim.

Tuesdays AM  •  9:15-10:00 am •  17 sessions  

Class Fee: $306  •  Member Discounted Fee: $187  

Tuesdays PM  •  8:00-9:00 pm  

Thursdays AM  •  9:15-10:00 am •  16 sessions  

Class Fee: $288  •  Member Discounted Fee: $176 

Fees can be prorated. Drop-in Fee:

Class Fee: $20      Member Discounted Fee: $12  


Multiple Sclerosis Swim: A water exercise program sponsored by the MS Society for individuals with Multiple Sclerosis to help strengthen and improve circulation. All instructors are trained specifically to work with individuals with MS. Register through the local MS Society at (631) 864-8337.



For a full list of WellFIT classes, CLICK HERE.