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To learn more about personal training or to book your sessions, please contact George Loft at

(516) 822-3535, x316 or email

PFT Institute



Improve your shape, increase your muscle tone, lose weight, rev up your energy or simply look and feel better! Our nationally certified personal trainers will customize a program just for you. They will maximize your time and make sure that you are training safely and efficiently.


A complimentary personal training session is offered to members 13 years and older and for all levels of experience. During this session the trainer will complete a health questionnaire with you, speak with you about setting goals, and guide you through a personalized training session. 


If you wish to continue working with a personal trainer following your complimentary session, we will develop your customized workout plan so that you are able to meet your fitness goals. With many options to choose from, please call for details. 


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NEW...Personal Training Punch Cards

Punch your way to a healthier you. All members who take advantage of

personal training will receive a punch card at the start of their sessions.

15 punches = 1 session FREE

15 in just 1 month = 2 sessions FREE

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Our Professional Personal Trainers

We have more than 18 Nationally Certified Professional Personal Trainers with varied backgrounds in sports, physical therapy and exercise science and are available for one-on-one and group training. 

Our trainers hold themselves to the highest standards in the industry and able to work with individuals of all ages and fitness levels. 


Our Unique Offerings

Speed & Conditioning, Pre-natal, Post Physical Therapy, TRX, Pink Ribbon, Nutrition

Massage Therapy, Pre-Season Sports, Readiness Program, Triathlon Training, Older Adults, Special Needs, Marathon Training.

Aqua Therapy

Strength and balance training in the pool.


Specialty Packages

Improve Your Physique Off-Peak

Are you available on off-peak hours? Book a personal training session from 12:00-3:00 pm and get a discount. Let us match you up with the right trainer to customize your workout.

6 Sessions: 1-hour: $330   •   ½-hour: $189


Teen PFT Institute

Keep your kids active — whether their goal is to train for a sport, lose weight, or gain confidence. 

45-Minutes Teen Training Sessions 

2 Sessions: $89   •   4 Sessions: $146   •   6 Sessions: $209


Indoor Agility Training

Get ready for your next season of sports try-outs! Make sure your body is at its peak performance. Book 4, 1-hour training sessions. Take your body out of winter storage and get ready to spring into action!

For members only. $200 for 4 sessions


Small Group Training

A fun and economical way to reach your fitness goals. These one-hour group training sessions provide motivation, support, and expert guidance. Join an established group or create your own.

Sessions Per Person:

3 people: $35/hr   •   4 people: $30/hr   •   5 people: $25/hr


Prenatal & Post Partum Exercise

We have trainers who are certified in the areas of prenatal and post partum exercise. By maintaining your fitness level during pregnancy you are less likely to gain excess weight and will find it easier to get back into shape after the baby is born. Exercising during your pregnancy can help you...

        -  Prepare for labor and delivery

        -  Reduce back pain

        -  Reduce swelling

        -  Prevent gestational diabetes

        -  Increase your energy, mood and posture

        -  Improve circulation thereby preventing varicose veins and leg cramps

        -  Sleep better


Beneficial Training Tools:

What’s Your Fitness Age?............$60

You’re as young as you feel. Find out your projected fitness age based on life style and a LiveFit personal training assessment.


Body Fat Composition.................$15

A screening to determine your fat percentage, a more meaningful calculation than just your weight.


Target Heart Rate Testing..........$15

Based on your fitness level, a personal trainer will test your target heart rate zone maximizing your cardio workout.