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Staff Spotlight On: Stephen Taylor, PhD.

Please Help Us Extend A Welcome To A New Addition To Our Camp Adler Staff!

Stephen Taylor is a new addition to our Camp Adler and will serve as its Assistant Supervisor. Steve was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and he earned his MA in School Psychology, and his PhD in Clinical Psychology, from Hofstra University. Steve has been a licensed psychologist serving the Long Island community for 24 years. While working in the Wantagh School District as a psychologist where he started a special needs summer program, he also maintains a private practice in Wantagh and has been teaching future school psychologists at Adelphi University for the past 9 years. Steve’s earliest jobs were as a counselor at the Mid-Island Y JCC camp and he has served as a unit head in travel camp; he is coming home. AN INTERVIEW WITH STEVE TAYLOR: Q: How did you decide on a career working with adults and children with special needs? A: For me it was more a calling. It was just something I was good at; and having my own learning issues early on made me sensitive to the needs of atypical learners. I think children still sense that empathy in me. Q: What motivates you? A: An overwhelming belief that we are all related; we are all more similar than different. Q: What frustrates you? A: Closed mindedness. Q: Is there a memory you have or a moment in time where you realized that "this is what I was meant to do?" A: There was no epiphany for me just a realization that I kept being in a place to help someone at the exact moment they needed help. Q: What is your favorite activity or program run by the Adler Center? A: CAMP of course!!!

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