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Did You Donate A Dress To Our Prom Dress Drive? Check Out This Update!

Thank you to everyone who collected dresses and to our volunteers who assisted with Prom Boutique at setup and dress distribution! The MIYJCC community donated 91 prom dresses! Diane O'Neill, Executive Director of Long Island Volunteer Center, shared a beautiful story with us today. The quote comes from a mother who attended Prom Boutique. Please keep reading below to learn more about how special the program is to one family:

"I just wanted to thank you for connecting us I had made the inquiry for a classmate of my daughter. When Diana got in touch with me, she offered me an invite for my daughter also. It never occurred to me to ask for us. I have cancer, the co-pay is $842. every 2 weeks, my other daughter is catastrophically ill and her brother is on the Autism spectrum, with ADHD, ODD and Dyslexia. I guess we would qualify.

In any case it was a wonderful experience. I saw girl after girl step out of the dressing room looking beautiful. Some took my breath away. Sometimes it looked like the girls were wearing gowns made for them. I almost cried a few times. My daughter got a dress, exactly what she had in mind. We liked it better than anything we had seen in the store. She feels like a princess. The funny thing is, there were tons of dresses all with store tags still on them. My daughter picked out 2 dresses that had been worn and dry cleaned. She has no idea and she is happy as can be. This has been a great experience on so many levels. The pure generosity of everyone that donated gowns, organized the event, volunteered at the event. .....and the common sense of all girls and mothers that made responsible decisions and used the community resources to make ends meet. .....and all these gowns are not being wasted, how environmentally responsible.

Thank you."

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