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The American Red Cross has established the Circle of Drowning Prevention to help remember 5 important points:

  1. Provide close and constant supervision to children who are in or near the water, even if they are wearing flotation devices.

  2. Fence pools and spas with adequate barriers to prevent unsupervised access.

  3. Learn swimming and water safety survival skills.

  4. Have children, inexperienced swimmers, and boaters wear U.S. Coast Guard–approved life jackets.

  5. Swim in lifeguarded areas.

In addition, Home Pool Safety is of the utmost importance. Homeowners with pools or hot tubs need to take a multi-tiered approach to securing the pool area and minimizing the likelihood that a child will gain unsupervised entry:

  1. Enclose the pool area on all four sides using an appropriate barrier system.

  2. Pool fence gates should be self-closing and self-latching and should open outward, away from the pool.

  3. Always make sure that the gates are latched, and that the latches are out of the reach of children.

Keep items away from the barrier (such as furniture) that a child could use to climb up and over into the pool area.

  1. Windows and doors leading to the pool area should have locks that are out of the reach of small children.

  2. All windows and doors leading to the pool area should have audible alarms. Install pool alarms. These alarms use sensors to detect motion in the water. Underwater pool alarms generally perform better and can be used in conjunction with pool covers. Use remote alarm receivers so that the alarm can be heard inside the house or in other places away from the pool area

  3. Adults should learn lifesaving, first-aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) techniques, and all children should be taught how to dial 911 or otherwise summon emergency help.

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