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Beach Safety:

One of the great things about living on Long Island is that we are surrounded by water. In the ocean, beware of undertows, and in rivers, creeks and streams, beware of rocks, obstructions, underwater debris and currents. Don't swim alone, and always obey posted safety rules.

  1. Swim only in areas supervised by a lifeguard.

  2. Always swim with someone; never swim alone.

  3. Read and obey all rules and posted signs and flags as well as lifeguard instructions.

  4. Swim only in areas designated for swimming.

  5. If you are not a good swimmer, don’t go in past ankle depth. Always make sure you have a good footing.

  6. Do not dive in headfirst into the surf.

  7. Children should be given swimming and water-safety instruction, but just because they have gotten some, don't assume they are drowning-proof. Don't assume that inner tubes or inflatable devices provide adequate protection. Don't drop children off at the pool, figuring that the lifeguards will keep an eye on them. And be aware that older siblings or untrained caretakers may not notice that a young child is in trouble.

Boating Safety: The most important safety precaution is a good personal flotation device. Some floatation devices out in the marketplace are for instructional purposes and should not be used while boating. To ensure safe boating all children under 12 years of age should wear a US Coast guard approved lifejacket at all times while on the boat. The boat should also have one lifejacket per person on the boat. In addition to wearing your life jacket you should take a boating-safety course to learn the rules of the water.

Wishing you a fun & safe Summer! Please feel free to print out this pool safety calendar, courtesy of Protect-A-Chid Pool Fence.

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