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What Is Autism?

The simple explanation is that Autism is a neurologic disorder. Children diagnosed with Autism have varied levels of abilities; some have mild impairments in the areas of social communication and behavior while others present with more challenges.

We often observe that children express their fear, anxiety, anger and frustration with behavior such as tantrums, biting, hitting, and elopement. Self-injurious and repetitive or stereotypic behaviors may be present as well. Some children do not want to get messy, hear loud noises, see bright stimulating colors or feel various textures. They may become overwhelmed by environmental stimuli such as a hair dryer, lawn mower, fire engine siren or vacuum cleaner. In addition, changes in routine and seeing unfamiliar people may present a challenge to some. A response to this unwelcomed stimulus may vary in intensity from a high level of agitation to simply a “no thank-you!”

The CDC most recent findings indicate that the current incidence of Autism is high at 1 in 68 live births. The need for quality Programs to support these children is great! To that end the Mid Island Y JCC Adler Center for Special Needs offers a wide variety of programming geared toward building upon the unique abilities of children through young adults with developmental disabilities. The children delight in the opportunity to engage in sports, recreational programs, family events and classes designed to promote self-confidence, socialization skills, and cooperative experiences. The Adler Center staff supports the children to reach their highest potential by focusing their attention on promoting social engagement, facilitating interactions and nurturing relationships with peers.

For more in depth information about the Adler Center for Special Needs please contact: Sharon Hanover, Program Director at 516-822-3535 or Jen Wambser, Program Supervisor at 516-822-3535 ext. 356 or Lauren Watling, Program Administrative Asst. at 516-822-3535 ext. 303 or

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