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The Heart of Yoga-A Personal Practice with Ancient Beginnings

I am honored to be teaching yoga in a tradition that stays true to the ancient beginnings of yoga in India. Yoga was brought to the west by a great yogi, T. Krishnamcharya, whose family is still keeping the tradition alive all over the world through its foundation, Krishnamacharya Healing Yoga Foundation.

What distinguishes it from the mainstream is primarily the value that it places on the student-teacher relationship. It is through the teacher's observation of the student and respect for the needs of the individual, that the student is able to benefit in many ways, be they physical, mental, or emotional. All the "tools" of yoga are utilized: mindful movement, postures, breathing techniques, visualization, gesture, and chanting, depending on the situation.

My training took me on a three year long journey, learning how and when to utilize all that yoga has to offer appropriately and safely. The primary focus of yoga practice is the breath; it is always the centerpiece of the practice. All the movements, postures, etcetera, will always have the breath at the heart of it. In this way, the practitioner learns to direct the attention inwardly, and eventually keep the attention there for periods of time, eliminating external distraction, which takes away from the individual experience and causes stress.

For those who have experienced it, this tradition is the intelligent approach to yoga, integrating the vast wisdom of the ancient teachings with modern day requirements. The practices are powerful, personal, and transformative, and through dedication and commitment, will lead to greater clarity, calmness, and physical vitality.

I teach people from age 8 to 108 ( really!), many of whom are fit and healthy, many of whom are not. All of them benefit.

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