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What Is XFit and "Y" HIIT Training Could Work For You!

My name is Dani. I am an ISSA certified personal trainer and an AFAA certified group instructor. I teach XFit on Thursday nights from 6-7pm each week.

XFit is a high intensity Bootcamp-style experience! This one hour class utilizes aspects of cardio, plyometric work, and strength training that will help torch calories while toning the body at the same time!

HIIT training (high intensity interval training) is one of the most effective and quickest ways to get you to your toning or weight loss goals! Are you bored of doing treadmill for your cardio, or doing never-ending sets of leg press for strength-building? My class pushes you to try things you might never have considered before for exercise! Moves such as box jumps, jump squats, plank jacks, and fast feet help you build up both your cardio and strength, while keeping it fresh and new each week!

Don't worry if you feel you can't enjoy the class if you have any workout restrictions. I give modifications for every exercise we do. I look forward to seeing you in my class soon!

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