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FAN (Fill A Need) Mail Helps Those In Need In Our Community

Do you often wonder how you could help others? Do you wonder what the need is?

MIYJCC’s FAN Mail is the answer to your questions!

FAN (Fill a Need) Mail enables us to email the community asking for help with a specific need. Needs range from items as small as a walk man for a senior citizen to a washing machine for a family with a critically ill family member who is living below the poverty line. Our most recent request was for a golf cart which would enable our campers who are part of the MIYJCC’s Camp Adler for Special Needs to enjoy a safe and enriching summer.

Many of our special needs children are very sensitive to the heat due to seizure disorders, and many are on medications that make walking across the campsite very difficult in extreme heat. When working with special needs campers it is also imperative that a staff member be able to get to a child immediately in the event of a difficult behavior or a medical emergency.

Through a recent FAN Mail email, we were able to obtain a golf cart donated by Tam O’Shanter Club. In addition, other FAN Mail participants donated funds to offset the fees needed to make it camp ready.

Join our FAN Mail to help meet the needs of our community. Contact Gail Warrack at

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