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It's Sukkot! But What Does That Mean?

Sukkot is the weeklong Jewish holiday that comes five days after Yom Kippur.

Sukkot traditionally celebrates the harvest and commemorates the beginning of the time known as the Diaspora, and we show our thanks to G-d for protecting the Jewish people during that period.

We celebrate Sukkot in a sukkah - a temporary hut - and the traditional vegetation, The Lulav and The Etrog, along with The Myrtle and The Willow, are given special symbolism and represent the four-letter name of G-d. We shake all of them together to show our unity and our thanks for the fruits of the Harvest.

For the seven days and nights of Sukkot, we eat all of our meals in the sukkah. A sukkah should be under the open sky, and should be comprised of at least three walls and a roof made of vegetation—i.e., bamboo, pine or palm branches.

On Sukkot we are supposed to spend as much time in the sukkah as possible, but outdoor dining is so much fun, it's hard to get most people OUT OF the sukkah.

We have curated these fun articles about Sukkot for further reading and enrichment.

Have a great Sukkot & have fun with your family!

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