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I am one of the personal trainers and group fitness instructors at the Mid-Island Y JCC and I would like to formerly introduce myself to everyone and give you a little history into my fitness and health journey.

Those of you who know me know how dedicated I am to my job, clients and every member that walks into my classes. I wholeheartedly believe in what I do and the importance of educating people about their physical health.

This is not where I began my career path. In fact, growing up I always knew that I was going to be some sort of artist. Art was my passion and my hobby as a child, all through high school and college where I graduated as a graphic designer. Right out of school I began to work full time in the graphic design field.

Even though I worked full time I made going to the gym a priority. My fitness and health was always important to me. At the gym I became extremely involved in group fitness classes. I really enjoyed being part of a group, being motivated by a leader, and learning how to exercise properly. I came to class with energy and passion ready for a workout. My dedication to the classes got noticed by one of the instructors who thought I would make a good instructor myself. He asked me to take over some classes and helped me get started. Kickboxing was the first class I ever taught. It was my favorite class to take... and now... I was the one leading, and it was exhilarating! This is where my fitness journey began.

For over 10 years I taught classes at several gyms and worked a home business in freelance graphic design while raising 3 kids. It was quite busy and tough to manage, but getting to teach at the gym was a great break from my day. I was able to bring my young kids with me where they got to play in the kids club and I got a much-needed mommy break in a job I loved to do.

It was when my youngest started Kindergarten that my fitness and health career took off. I was now able to dedicate more of my day to work. That is when I decided to get my personal training certification and spend more time at the gym. My background on being a group fitness instructor made it a quick and easy transition to one-on-one training. Leading a group is far more complicated when you have different levels, injuries, ages, etc. to deal with.

As I got more passionate about my job I wanted to become a bigger part of my clients, members lives and reach people outside of the gym and local area. I wanted to be their go-to when they needed an answer to their questions, a workout or a healthy recipe. That is when Stayfit with Joy was born! I started a website/blog and became active on social media to engage with my clients, members, audience and fans not just in the gym, but in their homes as well. This gave me a platform to answer common questions, give advice, workouts, recipes, tips and tricks on what they can do to stay fit and healthy outside of the gym.

I now personal train at the gym, virtually on my own personal training app, teach and instruct fitness classes, blog, post on social media, create online challenges, appear at events and more.

I try to give everyone the opportunity to be able to work with and be educated by me no matter where they live.

I have now been in the industry about 20 years, I am currently a certified personal fitness trainer, group fitness instructor, and fitness nutrition specialist. I have gained a wealth of knowledge through continuing education in the areas of strength, HIIT, boot camp, mat Pilates , yoga, spin/cycle, kickboxing, corrective exercise, senior fitness, functional training and more.

My tag line is “Build Your Stronger Self”. I have dedicated my career to helping people do just that. Not only do I teach this, but I live it. I believe in leading by example and I strive to be a good example to everyone who depends on me for their fitness and health goals.

Come visit me at the fitness center or join in a live class on the following days and times: Monday:

9:25 am - Define (60 minutes full body strength training)

10:45 am - Body Works (30 minutes of focused injury prevention training)

5:45 pm - Grit and Bear It (60 minutes of HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training)


9:30 am - Kickboxing


9:30 am - Spin/Cycle

Your Fitness and Health should be a priority! If you are not sure how to get started visit the fitness center for your free personal training orientation. We will also be having a special promotion in January for personal training packages. This is a great place to start your journey and learn about how to improve your physical health. Check back with me once a week so you can be part of our Build Your Stronger Self world.

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