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I am sure many of you will be heading into the New Year with a goal to become a fitter, healthier person. That plan will include exercising more, eating better, and breaking unhealthy habits. The questions is... how can you ensure successfully achieving that goal? That is where I am going help you set a plan that works.

When it comes to Fitness and Health there are so many small goals that make up the one bigger goal of an overall healthier body. The mistake people make is not setting a realistic plan. The plan always starts out with the best of intentions... “I’m going to start exercising, I’m going to eat healthier”... and for the most part the beginning of that plan is successful, right? But, what happens after a few weeks in? The reality is that it is unsustainable. Unless you have superhuman will power the plan is just unrealistic to execute. Making so many changes too quick for your mind and body to process sets you up for failure.

I am going to share a plan with you that takes a year to execute. It is going to incorporate setting mini goals each month that will lead to that one larger goal. Each month we are going to set one healthy mini goal that will help bring you closer to that larger goal. You will then have 1 month to work on achieving each mini goal and incorporating it into your life before adding in the next one.

Below is an example. In my example I am going to alternate between a fitness goal and a nutrition goal each month so that we ensure making both fitness and nutritional changes.

Month #1 – Must get in at least 2 workouts a week incorporating both strength training and cardio.

Month #2 – Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into meals and snacks throughout the day.

Month #3 – Add another workout or 2 into week for a total of 3 or more workouts a week.

Month #4 – Read food labels and switch out high sugar, high fat foods for lower sugar, lower fat options.

Month #5 – Incorporate 10 minutes of hi-intensity cardio before or after each workout.

Month #6 – Incorporate nutritional balance by including lean protein, healthy carbs and fats into each meal and snack throughout your day.

Month #7 – Add a focused workout weekly – choose 1 or 2 muscle groups to focus on. It can be the same muscle group/groups that you have a particular interest in or a different focus each week.

Month #8 – Amp up your hydration – Drink more water, low calorie fluids, juices, soups, and smoothies.

Month #9 – Intensify your workouts in some way either by increasing speed, weight, range of motion or mixing up your workout routine to challenge your muscles in a new way.

Month #10 – Portion out your food servings – use a food scale, measuring cups and spoons. Count, weigh and measure to check your serving sizes and make sure you’re staying within portion limits to maintain calories desired for each meal and snack.

Month #11 – Incorporate flexibility and balance into your workout regimen either within workouts or as a separate workout.

Month #12 – Switch to whole grains – check all labels and look for WHOLE grain options for bread, pastas, crackers and snacks. Incorporate other healthy WHOLE grains such as oats, quinoa, and brown rice.

Now think about it... if you can achieve all 12 of these mini goals by the end of the year you will certainly have achieved that larger goal of becoming fitter and healthier by the end of the year. Focusing on 1 smaller goal per month and then collectively adding another goal each month is more sustainable than incorporating all these goals at once.

It is now time for you to create your plan for the year. You can follow my plan as is or use my monthly outline to customize your plan according to your own personal goals.

Check in with me throughout the year and let me know how those mini goals are going.


• ISSA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

• AFFA Certified Group Fitness Instructor

• NASM Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist

• Specialize in: - Kickboxing - Strength Training - High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

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