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No Added Sugar Challenge

This week I am going to give you a challenge. Before we can get into the details of the challenge we first need to discuss what no added sugar means:

When it comes to sugar, there are foods that it naturally occurs in such as fruits, vegetables and unsweetened dairy products. There are foods that it is added to in the prepping, cooking or processing. Added sugars come in many forms and are hidden in so many of the foods we eat. Most of us probably don’t realize how much sugar we are taking in on a daily basis in foods we don’t think contain sugar such as breads, dressings and condiments. Every little bit of added sugar we consume daily can really add up to extreme amounts.

For this challenge I am going to ask you to look for the hidden added sugars in all of the food you consume and completely eliminate them from your day. This will prove to be challenging as you will probably find that a lot of the foods you are currently consuming contain some form of added sugar. You will need to get creative in preparing your own food and sweetening with only foods that contain natural occurring sugar. This also means not adding any sweeteners to the food you prep and cook.

So what exactly do you need to look for when it comes to added sugars on labels?

1- Look at the grams of added sugars on the nutrition label. If there are any added sugars, eliminate it. Not all labels contain added sugar grams, only total sugar grams, so you will also need to follow the ingredients list to find added sugars that may be included. Follow #2, 3 and 4 below.

Click link for label breakdown and where to look for added sugars:

2- Look at the ingredients list for any added sugars. Added sugars come in various forms and names. Here is a link for a list of added sweeteners to avoid:

3- Look at the ingredients list for any added artificial sweeteners as you will need to also avoid these. Here is a link for a list of artificial sweeteners to avoid:

4- Look at the ingredients list for stevia. Although used as a sweetener substitute and considered somewhat natural, it is still just a sweetener and something that should be avoided.

Now that you know what to avoid, you can prepare for the No Sugar Added Challenge. The goal of this challenge is to eliminate added sugars and eat only foods that naturally contain sugars. You will detox your body from the added sugars and learn to eat food in a more natural way. You will discover what foods contain added sugars and how to avoid them. Flavor your food with fresh, frozen, juiced or canned fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices.

The Challenge Details: Eliminate all added sugar

Duration: 5 days

If you would like to do the challenge along with me, join my facebook event 5 Day No Sugar Added Challenge starting Tuesday, 5/28. I will be posting daily food intake, ideas and tips throughout the challenge and encourage you to do the same.

To join my facebook challenge event click link below:


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