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What is an AMRAP Workout and How To Implement It?

The acronym AMRAP refers to “ As Many Reps As Possible” or "As Many Rounds As Possible". So rather than doing a workout based on sets and reps you are doing it based more on either time and fatigue or rounds and fatigue. Either type will get your endurance and heart rate up burning extra calories both during and after your workout. This is the style I use most of the time in my Boot Camp and/or HIIT classes.

When doing an AMRAP workout you want to choose multiple exercises to group together and work with. Base it on what your workout goals are for that day. If you want full body choose exercises that work upper body, lower body and possibly core. If you want to work upper body choose exercises that focus on that and same goes for if you want to work lower body.

Now that you know what an AMRAP workout is – lets see how to apply and do them:

Here is a sample AMRAP workout with “As Many Rounds As Possible”. For this I am going to set the reps for each exercise, but no time limit. You are going to complete as many rounds as possible of the following 4 exercises until you are completely fatigued and done:

20 jump squats

15 burpees

10 pushups

5 sit ups

Perform these 4 exercises back to back for designated reps, as many times as possible, without any rest until you can do no more.

Equipment needed: mat

Here is a sample AMRAP workout with “As Many Reps As Possible”. For this I have set a time limit of 1 minute for each exercise that will be done for as many reps as possible within that minute. Each exercise is performed back to back and then I've included a 1 min rest. After rest repeat a 2nd time. Feel free to continue repeating more than twice to extend the workout. The following exercises in this workout include:

Goblet squats

Alternating reverse lunges

Bent over single arm row


Equipment needed: 1 dumbbell, mat

Click below to follow along with me for this workout:

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