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Beat My Time Challenge – Wall Squat Hold

This week is a challenge week and the challenge is to hold a wall squat. A wall squat hold is an isometric exercise that is quite difficult to maintain. It will challenge your strength, endurance and threshold for pain. This particular isometric hold will recruit most of the major muscles of the lower body. You will certainly feel fire in the quads as you hold this position. It will take a little mind of matter, persistence, and pain to make it through.

To do a wall squat correctly first find a flat space you can lean against on the wall. Press your back up against the wall with feet flat and away from the wall. Slide your back down the wall until you are in a position you can maintain and hold, as close to about 90 degrees as possible (do not drop lower than a 90 degree position). Knees should be over or behind ankles not in front. Now, maintain that position for as long as you can possibly handle.

To make it more interesting I have done the challenge myself and I am giving you my time to beat. I maintained the wall squat hold for 6 minutes and 58 seconds. I am challenging you to beat that time. Try the challenge and than let me know your time and if you were able to beat mine.

Click below to check out my wall squat video

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