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Benefits of a Sweaty Workout

Lots of people are not big fans of sweating but they certainly should be! Maybe after reading this you will be looking forward to your next sweaty workout.

Sweating is a naturally occurring bodily function necessary for regulating body temperature. Sweating occurs for many reasons including high temperature, emotions, stress, medications, illness, menopause and increased body activity. When we exert enough physical activity our body will begin to sweat in order to maintain our body’s core temperature. In this case sweating is a good thing and actually provides many benefits to the body including:


Sweat can release the body of certain toxins and chemicals through the skins pores. Excess alcohol, cholesterol and salt along with air pollutants can be flushed out of the body through sweating.

Bacterial Cleansing

Sweating opens up the pores and helps to clean out the build up of bacteria within. This helps prevent pimples and blemishes resulting in clearer skin.

Prevents Disease, Illness and Infection

Sweat is an antibiotic that can help prevent infections of skin irritations, and certain illnesses such as tuberculosis and the common cold.

Boosts Endorphins

Sweating releases the “feel-good” hormones into the body helping to increase mood and reduce pain.

Weight Management

It is no secret that if you work out hard enough to get a good sweat going, you will burn extra calories, and in turn those extra calories help to maintain or reduce weight.

So the next time you are worried about sweating, remember all the benefits sweat has to your body and allow the body do what it naturally does. Just be sure to drink plenty of water afterward to replace any lost fluid the body used in the sweating process.

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