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More than Physical

It Takes More Than Physical Strength

Sticking to a fitness program takes more than just physical strength. There are 3 things you must apply to your fitness program in order to be successful in reaching your goals and I call them the 3 C’s to success:

1 Commitment

2 Confidence

3 Consistency

Let’s break these elements down and see why they are so important:


What is commitment?

Enthusiasm for something and determination to work hard at it.

You must be 100% ready to take on the dedication, time and hard work it will take to follow and implement whatever program you begin. Without this commitment to your program, you will be unsuccessful in the goals you set. It’s your commitment to your goals that will push you through the elements, time constraints and other obstacles that get in the way. With commitment you will make it work!


What does confidence mean?

The belief that you are able to do things well.

You absolutely must believe in yourself and your ability to be successful at your goals. If you believe you can do it, you will do it! If you begin your program already doubting yourself and your ability, chances are you will not be successful in the goals you set.


What is consistency?

The ability to remain the same in behavior, attitudes or quality.

You must remain working toward the goals you set. Your actions in behavior, attitude and quality of implementing your program must continue for it to be successful. If your consistency suffers so will the success of your program. With consistency success will eventually come. I feel this is the most important element of the three C’s, you must remain consistent to reach your goals!

In order to find success you must apply the three C’s in this order:

  1. Commit to whatever program or goals you set

  2. Have confidence that you can implement and reach your goals

  3. Remain consistent in your program and the goals you set

I often get asked how I stay in shape and this is exactly what I share with those who ask. It’s not just about what I do, it’s that I do it. It’s not just that I do it, but I do it 100% committed, confident and consistent in my program. My physical goals and program might change but these 3 elements must remain the same for me to continue to hit those physical goals.

If you are failing to reach your goals take a look at these elements and see where you might be falling short. Once you figure that out, you can take the necessary steps towards applying it to your program.

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