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Boost Energy Levels Naturally

Energy is one of those things everyone is looking to gain, but the fact is most people are actually decreasing their energy levels with bad habits. If you are looking to spike your energy levels you may need to swap out a few things in your daily day:

1) Ditch the caffeine and eat healthy nutritious food

Food is your energy source. Your body uses food to metabolize and convert into energy. The healthier the food you eat, the more efficient the energy your body will produce. One common mistake is using caffeine to give the body energy. Caffeine is a stimulant, addictive and false energy for the body. It does not actually fuel the body in the most efficient way. With consistent use of caffeine your body will become dependent on it for energy and without it you become tired. As a result caffeine has an overall negative effect on the bodies energy levels. It’s time to ditch or at least reduce the amount caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea and energy drinks and learn to use food as fuel for your main energy source.

2) Hydrate with water not sugar

Keeping the body hydrated is extremely important for energy levels in the body. Water makes up a major part of the body and is used in many bodily functions. Dehydration leads to fatigue and low energy levels. However, when reaching for a drink a common mistake is to reach for soda, juice or sports drinks. Problem is... these drinks are filled with large amounts of sugar. Sugar will spike your blood sugar level making you feel energized at first, but then have a crashing effect later. Like caffeine, it is an addictive substance and your body will crave more of it leaving you somewhat dependent on it to feel that quick spike of energy your body is searching for. Best thing to do is consistently take sips of clear water throughout your day.

3) Put down the electronic devices and move

Be sure to get gentle, moderate to active movement each day to promote blood flow. This blood flow stimulates circulation, metabolism and in turn energy levels. Jobs, chores and daily activities have become less active due to technology. Electronic devices such as computers, gaming and mobile devices have made many of the general population very sedentary. You really need to be aware of how much activity you get each day and make sure that you are getting enough time in an active moving state. If your daily routine does not require much activity you need to get it in the form of exercise. Exercise could be as simple as stretching, yoga or walking to something more active like running, sports or strength training. Be sure to not overdo it as too much active movement can actually have a negative reaction to the body and make you feel more tired. Seeking the right balance for your energy level will take some experimenting.

It is much better to find your natural energy levels and build on that with healthy eating habits, proper hydration and daily movement. You are doing your body no good with false energy that doesn’t last. Doing these three things consistently on a daily basis throughout your day along with getting proper sleep will make a huge difference in your energy levels.

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