Fitness & Wellness Center




To learn more about personal training or to book your sessions, please contact

George Loft at (516) 822-3535, x316 or email


Teen Fitness Center Orientation

A complimentary personal training session for teens ages 13 and over to help them navigate the Fitness Center, safely and effectively work out using the equipment, and help them get started.

Required for teens ages 13-15. Once completed, they are able to utilize the fitness center on

their own. 


PFT Institute

Personal Training For Tweens & Teens

Keep your kids active. Whether they're training for a sport, wanting to losing weight or would benefit from having a positive mentor, personal training may be just what your teen needs.


Note: Although children younger than 13 cannot use the Fitness Center on their own, they may

do so when accompanied by one of our personal trainers.





To learn more about the following teen fitness & wellness options, please contact

Barbara Sachs-Traina at (516) 822-3535, x317 or email


Yoga Zone - Teen Yoga
Grades 9-12

A perfect way to de-stress while increasing strength and flexibility. Learn breathing techniques and flow through yoga poses.

Pre-registration required.

Call Stephanie Ozner: (516) 822-3535, x361 or email

Runs 6 weeks

Studio A  •  FF17-TY01  •Class Fee: $90     Member Discounted Fee: $60   

Nutritional & Weight Counseling

Are you trying to navigate through the fast food maze? Are you dealing with difficult body image issues? We offer nutritional counseling specifically geared to tweens and teens. With so many  food choices and fad diets, our in-house nutritionist, Shari Hamburg, MS, RD, CDN, can help you create a healthful food environment. CLICK HERE to make your appointment today and begin a lifetime of being in good shape and good health!


Tween & Teen Create-A-Class

Create your own class with a group of friends based on your interests and fitness goals. Whether

you enjoy high-energy Drums Alive, or want to chill out after school with yoga or tai chi, we'll make

it happen! 


Tween & Teen Fitness Programs

CLICK HERE to go to the Youth & Teen Center.


Summer Teen Spin

Runs from July-August. Check back for more information. 


Fitness For Teens with Special Needs

CLICK HERE to learn more about Adler Center programs.