Support Groups & Services

For more information or to register, please contact Bonnie Millman

at (516) 822-3535, x354  |  bmillman@miyjcc.org.



-  Please call Sara, x335, for specific dates.

-  If you enroll more than one child, each additional child is $75.

-  If a parent is registered for an adult support group, you receive a 10% discount on total fees.


Growing Up with Divorced Parents

Are your children angry, hurt, and confused about your divorce? Children will learn to understand their feelings, express their emotions appropriately, feel better about themselves, and develop coping skills.

Runs in 10-week cycles throughout the year.

Call for dates and times  •Class Fee: $150    Member Discounted Fee: $125       

*Each additional child is $75

If interested, please call Hillary, x328.


Open Minded Unity

A Group For Teenagers

This support group is for adolescents interested in exploring diversity in all its forms: social, political and cultural identification, religious practices, gender identity and sexual orientation. Support, guidance, and education are provided to teenagers to better understand their own identities in an informal, safe and fun environment.

If interested, please call Hillary, x328.


Siblings of Children with Special Needs

Come meet others, who like you, have a sibling with a disability. We provide a safe space to share your feelings. Learn how to talk to your parents and your siblings, along with stress relief techniques and coping mechanisms.

Alternating Sundays  •  12:00-1:00 pm

Class Fee: $120      Member Discounted Fee: $100 •  Each additional child is $75

If interested, please call Hillary, x328.